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Professor Darryl Caterine is a historian of religion who specializes in New World traditions.  His scholarly interests focus on the interactions between religion, politics, and culture in both the United States and parts of Latin America.  His new book, Haunted Ground: Travels through a Paranormal America (Praeger/ABC-CLIO, 2011), comes after more than three years of research on America's love-hate relationship with the paranormal.  This road-trip narrative takes the reader to Lily Dale, a Spiritualist summer camp in upstate New York; the Roswell UFO Festival; and the American Society of Dowsers convention in Vermont. Presently Caterine is writing articles on various aspects of paranormal culture, monuments of civil and popular religion, and American prophets.  He earned his degrees in religious studies from Harvard University and the University of California, Santa Barbara. Caterine has taught at California Lutheran University, Grinnell College, and Dartmouth College.  Dr. Caterine lives in upstate New York with his lovely wife Jana where he is step-dad to the wonderful Miller siblings, Spencer and Hilary, and a servant to two Maine coon cats, Willow and Clovis Hobbes. He is currently an associate professor in the Religious Studies Department at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, New York.  


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Journeys Through A Paranormal America.

This ethnographic and historical analysis of paranormal culture is both an entertaining American road trip narrative, and a series of insightful reflections on our nation's love-hate relationship with mediumship, UFOs, and the spirits of place.  Rather than rehashing the familiar arguments for or against the validity of these phenomena, Haunted Ground explores what's at stake in the controversy.  For well over a century, the stigma surrounding paranormal topics points to unsolved problems in the way that Americans relate to their origins, their relationship with non-western cultures, and the project of nation building.